【AIWIBI New Product Launch】Disposable Baby Changing Pads Nov 23

Have you ever had trouble getting your desk or sheets wet while changing your baby's diapers? Are you worried because you can't find a clean place to change your baby's diapers when you're outside? Don't worry, aiwibi's new baby changing pads can help with that.

The function of baby changing pads is to place them under a child's diaper so that the child does not urinate or defecate and stain sheets or worktables. It's actually useful when the child can't control the urine. Sometimes a child will suddenly urinate on the bed, and the urine will seep directly into the mattress, making it difficult to clean. The changing pad is designed to absorb water on one side and block it off on the other, so parents don't have to worry about their child doing something bad during the time when them naked in bed.

Aiwibi baby changing pads are designed with multiple structures, SAP+Fluff Pulp, Efficient water absorption and fast water lock, providing better air permeability and heat dissipation while increasing water absorption. Skin-friendly non-woven top layer, no sensitive ingredients let the baby skin can also close contact. Rhombus Embossed Channel helps liquid flow faster and has better transient ability. Disposable folding storage, easy to carry, suitable for use in various indoor and outdoor scenes. Waterproof PE film on the bottom and around the sides, completely leak-proof and prevents urine from entering the bed and table top.

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